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B4E Insurtech: On a Quest to Make Insurance Inclusive Globally

Who are we?

B4E Insurtech is an Insurance
Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider platform

What do we do?

At B4E Insurtech, we specialize in offering Insurance Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions designed for simple rule-based, parametric, Insurance products, for Reinsurers, Insurers, MGA’s and Intermediaries

B4E Insurtech stands as a pioneering force in the realm of insurance Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IIaaS), with a resolute commitment to fostering global inclusivity in the insurance landscape. Our groundbreaking achievement lies in the comprehensive digital mapping of the entire insurance supply chain, meticulously spanning from reinsurer to insurer, intermediary, and ultimately, the end consumer.

At the core of our operations, B4E Insurtech offers an unparalleled platform featuring intuitive and highly customizable plug-and-play software solutions. These solutions are meticulously engineered to facilitate the rapid deployment of simple, rule-based, pre-underwritten offer-to-accept insurance products.

Whether you are a Reinsurer seeking to provide a Product-cum-Digital Platform to Insurers, an Insurer exploring the distribution of retail mass-market products through bank partnerships, or an Intermediary aspiring to seamlessly host multiple products sourced from diverse providers on a single platform, B4E Insurtech stands as your steadfast partner. Our ready-made solutions empower you to enter the market swiftly and seamlessly with just a few clicks, harnessing the transformative potential of our technology to drive your success.

Using our platform, users can easily deploy simple, pre-underwritten, rule-based, offer-to-accept, inclusive, and affordable insurance products that cater to the needs of the world's ~93% uninsured population. Get started today by checking out our platform and services.

Product Features

  • Niche Product Compatibility:  Our system adapts to a spectrum of pre-underwritten, rule-based, offer-to-accept OTC insurance products. Whatever your unique offering, B4E Insurtech has you covered.

  • Zero Upfront Cost: Financial constraints won't hold you back. With B4E Insurtech, focus on innovation while we handle the cost concerns.

  • No-Code Simplicity: Technical hurdles are history. Our intuitive interface lets your product team design and launch without the need for coding expertise.

  • Efficiency Unleashed: Time is of the essence. Bring products to market in under 30 minutes, propelling your business forward with unmatched efficiency.

  • Infinite Product Variants: Set no limits. B4E Insurtech lets you deploy multiple products from various providers on one platform, without extra charges.

  • Plug-n-Play Integration: Seamlessly sync data through APIs or real-time batch uploads, integrating with your provider policy-admin system.

  • Complementary to Legacy Systems: Enhance, don't replace. Our system aligns seamlessly with your existing tech capabilities, no duplication is required.

  • The catalyst for Innovation: Fuel creativity. B4E Insurtech empowers your product team to experiment and test new ideas, driving innovation.

  • Locally Deployed: Data under your control. B4E Insurtech ensures deployment on your cloud server, granting full network and data control.

  • Partnership-Centric Commercial Model: Your success is paramount. Our revenue structure aligns with your sales, making achievements a shared win.

  • Infinite Use-Cases: Unlock new frontiers. From untapped segments to compelling Value Added Services, B4E Insurtech expands your horizons.

  • Scalability: Think global, act local. Develop propositions for multiple global businesses from a centralized point.


Experience a paradigm shift in the insurance landscape with B4E Insurtech, where innovation meets inclusivity, and market speed gets a makeover. Our platform isn't just a tool; it's a transformation that empowers insurers to push boundaries and unlock new opportunities.

Step into a future where innovation, inclusivity, and market speed redefine insurance. Welcome to B4E Insurtech – where transformation is the norm.

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